By the Billionaires, for the Billionaires

The United States government does not exist for the people. Certainly, there are “representatives” that are elected by “citizens” that are sent to Washington D.C. but they do not represent the interests of the voter.  The truth is, the Washington D.C. Municipality operates as an independent international city-state with “states” operating as corporate franchises, such … Continue reading By the Billionaires, for the Billionaires

“Be the Change” with Dr. Randall George Nozawa

I was recently invited to come back onto the show "Be the Change" with my friends Dr. Randall George Nozawa and Bob Charles. The topic we focused on was pharmaceuticals. They offered me a platform that I could use to warn others of the dangers related to common pharmaceuticals that are prescribed to children and … Continue reading “Be the Change” with Dr. Randall George Nozawa

The Power of Belief

While my wife and I were going through our awakening (see: My Metaphysical Awakening), we would frequently take walks and discuss some of the material that I was being led to. From books to articles, my greatest and most incredible friend and I would process the information we were learning while on these walks.   On … Continue reading The Power of Belief

Documenting Attack Synchronicities

I have recently been documenting and writing about attacks by negative entities (see: Know Your World, and related articles: The Anatomy of an Archon Attack and Catalyst Happens). I thought that I would share some of the evidence that I have been collecting. I always see the numerical sequence 666 prior to an attack by … Continue reading Documenting Attack Synchronicities