Passion Harvest

Last week I was honored to share my story with Luisa, the most incredibly gracious host of Passion Harvest. Passion Harvest is her remarkable podcast which features a wide variety of guests from an incredible variety of backgrounds, all inspiring. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to join the ranks. For more … Continue reading Passion Harvest

The Power of Belief

While my wife and I were going through our awakening (see: My Metaphysical Awakening), we would frequently take walks and discuss some of the material that I was being led to. From books to articles, my greatest and most incredible friend and I would process the information we were learning while on these walks.   On … Continue reading The Power of Belief

Documenting Attack Synchronicities

I have recently been documenting and writing about attacks by negative entities (see: Know Your World, and related articles: The Anatomy of an Archon Attack and Catalyst Happens). I thought that I would share some of the evidence that I have been collecting. I always see the numerical sequence 666 prior to an attack by … Continue reading Documenting Attack Synchronicities

December Interlude

This week I want to try something different and let words flow from the heart. I have recently been reflecting on the overwhelming positive response I have received since I began this blog. Hearing from like-minded individuals has been wonderful. Hearing that I have actually contributed to positive life changes in others is an incredible … Continue reading December Interlude