The Bio-Mechanical Vehicle

You are not your body. 

As Robert Monroe would famously say, you are more than your physical body. 

The body is a biological vehicle for the expressions of consciousness. It functions like a space suit with a radio tuner, encoding and decoding reality from a field of energy. 

The body manifests thought into action within the dimension from which it originates. 

Think about the transmutation of thought into speech: a concept generates a stream of characters in a language that, taken together, form words which are then expressed by the rapid firing of neurons. This triggers muscle groups to rapidly expand and contract ligaments around the muscles of the mouth and tongue to form shapes. This happens in synchronization with air being expelled from the lungs and passing through the vocal cords. All of these activities combined create an associated sound. Different shapes express different sounds. 

In a similar way, the thought to move from point A to point B triggers a bio-mechanical reaction to get the legs moving to deliver you to your destination, all the while maintaining balance. 

All of this happens automatically. You do not have to “think” about how to walk, only express an intent and desire and a program is seemingly executed to carry this task out successfully, much like a computer would perform a task. 

But who is doing the thinking? 

We believe we “exist” centrically in our head. The reason for this is simple: the spatial location of our sensory organs such as our eyes and ears, devices which themselves transmute frequency into bio-electrical signals, focus our awareness seemingly in the brain. The brain holographically constructs the reality that we experience, much like cables, a cable box, and a television set renders a 2D picture from non-physical signals for a viewer to watch (see: Musings on Reality). 

Taken together, it is easy to see that the body is something like a puppet, or an avatar, for awareness. Awareness with purpose. Awareness with intent. Awareness with creative potential. 

One way to view this is to consider a video game such as Morrowind, Oblivion, or Skyrim. 

You, the player/awareness, exist outside of the game. You interact with an avatar using a controller. Inside of the game is a “body” represented by this avatar that can fully interact with everything that exists within the game world; however, it cannot interact with anything outside of the game world. 

Without the avatar/body, the player/awareness would only be able to view the game world as detached awareness, or “out-of-body” so to speak; however, with the creation of an avatar, controlled entirely by the player who exists outside of the game, interaction within the game world happens and revolves around this avatar. 

The avatar/body can run, jump, move, talk, go on quests, learn, experience, and play out different roles. The player/awareness, who is controlling the avatar, exists in another dimension independent of the game world while the avatar exists inside of the game world, itself an independent dimension to that of the one the player exists in.  

This is kind of like a fisherman who stays within the dimension of air (on the land or in a boat), but uses a fishing pole with a line attached to a hook with bait that exists in the dimension of the water. The fisherman is able to express himself through the line and hook without actually being in the water; however, the fisherman is an independent entity from the hook and bait even though he controls it.

Another example of this is from the game “The Sims”. In the game, characters go about their daily routines within the game world, unless otherwise directed by the player who exists outside of the game world. 

Awareness combined with thought and inspiration with intent – that is the real you: the one playing the video game and controlling the avatar from another dimension, moving it around inside of a game world with your thoughts, intentions, and desires that are carried out by your interaction with the game controller; living out a seemingly scripted experience that plays out like a movie replete with ups and downs. 

Just like a game, you operate your avatar in a world from which you interact with and learn from. There are other avatars navigating this world the same way, interacting with you and interacting with each other. Different forms driven by a non-physical force that plays out various roles in a synchronistic way, all moving forward in a linear fashion through a construct called time that enables the delivery of experiences sequentially. 

Ultimately, the bio-mechanical vehicle we call a body enables this interaction from which we learn and evolve from spiritually. Vehicles for consciousness take many, many forms: from cells to bacteria, plants to animals, to stars and planets. 

Without these vehicles, direct experience of this creation within this dimension would be detached, as if an observer ungrounded and unimpeded without any physical limitations, floating carelessly about without the ability to interact directly. This is the way that many describe both an out-of-body and near-death experience: detached from their body/avatar, their awareness transitions to an etheric body that is able to move about without restriction: able to pass through solid objects such as walls, similar to observer mode common in many multiplayer games such as Quake or Doom. Aware, but unable to interact with the game world. 

At the end of these experiences for which we utilize these bio-mechanical vehicles, we abandon them much like a driver would do away with a car which no longer functions. When our story ends, our particular involvement in this part of the game is over. The transition is seamless as “death” is illusory and part of the elements which, taken together, form the complex and interwoven stories inspired by this creation and expressed through the interaction of all of its various forms, all of which is powered by the real us: the spiritual force that creates these forms and drives their interactions for the purposes of learning and evolving. 

All things considered, the bio-mechanical vehicle is, quite frankly, the most advanced virtual reality device in this creation. Treat it well, for even though it is a temporary creation, it is your creation and central to the story that is playing out all around you in which you are the lead character and star of the show.

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