The Power of Belief

While my wife and I were going through our awakening (see: My Metaphysical Awakening), we would frequently take walks and discuss some of the material that I was being led to. From books to articles, my greatest and most incredible friend and I would process the information we were learning while on these walks.  

On these walks would be synchronistic events that would follow the subjects we would be discussing as it pertained to our awakening. One such walk we took focused on beliefs and what it truly means to believe in something. 

As we turned a corner to walk down a street toward a cul-de-sac that had a walking path, a thought struck me in a way that is similar to the graphic of a lightbulb illuminating above the head of an individual.

The thought was simple and direct: it is our core beliefs which manifest our reality, and that I needed to believe the supernatural events that were happening to us as the pace of our awakening was increasing. 

I looked over at my wife and I loudly exclaimed: “It is about our beliefs! We have to believe! I am being told we need to believe!” 

I can remember her turning toward me and her eyes opening wide and her jaw dropping. She wasn’t looking at me, but was looking past me with great interest and I turned to see what had grabbed her attention. 

On a random house on the right side of the street was a massive banner hanging vertically, next to the right of the front door of the house, and it was embroidered with the word “BELIEVE” lettered vertically. A common decoration, but this was quite a meaningful coincidence for us. It is worth noting that when we walked this route again, the banner was gone.

I turned back toward her feeling wonderfully amused, excited, and even inspired. 

This moment, like many synchronicities that we experienced during our awakening, had an impact. It severed the chains of our old existing belief systems, particularly in relation to the events we were experiencing that were of a supernatural and/or metaphysical nature. Where I didn’t believe that was possible before (with a few exceptions, such as my UFO experience), I certainly believed it was possible now!

And something was telling me that I needed to believe this awakening that we were experiencing in order to bring this awakening into my experience, so to speak. This, of course, was easy as the synchronicities were so exciting and beyond anything we have ever experienced that it became, in essence, easy for us to believe in what was happening. 

And it is true, if you think about it. It is our deep-rooted beliefs that we are experiencing right now. We manifest these core beliefs, for good or for bad, into the reality we experience. 

This concept isn’t anything new. Psychology calls this a self-fulfilling prophecy and the New Age movement calls this You Create Your Own Reality or YCYOR. When you research these concepts out, there are twists and turns and interesting deviations that are, unsurprisingly, anchored because of beliefs and belief systems. 

But at its core, it still remains true. We are the sum-total of our beliefs about where we are in our life right now. I believed I was going to be a programmer, and I became a programmer. Then I believed I was going to be an author, and now I am writing to an audience (a big thank you to my followers – I love you guys). 

Some of these beliefs come from our parents, and some of these beliefs come from authority figures, such as teachers and priests. We can be programmed to believe in freedom and prosperity, or victimhood and limitation. Whatever these beliefs may be, they are often carried out in a subconscious manner. 

When we come to discover we have the power to manifest our beliefs, we suddenly discover that we have been conditioned to manifest beliefs that are not in our best interests due to the interests of others that seek to control us, and program us, to manifest limitation. Elements of our society from education to media is structured to promote this particular kind of victimhood. A society of victims is easy to manipulate and, in materialistic societies, easy to sell solutions to. I have written about this in the past with the article “The Social Engineering of the Meaning of Life”.   

And as manifesting our beliefs applies to us individually, so to does it apply to us as a collective. This is why in order for there to be change, we have to be the change itself. We cannot wait for the rest of us to change for us. 

Just remember: believe in yourself and believe in the things that will truly serve you and deliver to you that which you want to accomplish in life. Never believe in limitation, it will only bring you limitation. 

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