Documenting Attack Synchronicities

I have recently been documenting and writing about attacks by negative entities (see: Know Your World, and related articles: The Anatomy of an Archon Attack and Catalyst Happens). I thought that I would share some of the evidence that I have been collecting.

I always see the numerical sequence 666 prior to an attack by negative forces. The numerical sequence 666 has a history of being associated with the concept of Satan/Saturn/Demiurge, Demons/Archons, or just evil in general; however, numerical sequences mean different things to different people. The meaning is very subjective and it is used that way in our experience.

For example, we may consider 911 to mean “watch out” and, therefore, we will see 911 in our environment being used in a synchronistic way if we do indeed need to “watch out” and function with an increased level of awareness. Ultimately, however, we may or may not notice it depending on how aware we are of these signs or the way they are utilized based on our own knowledge and understanding of synchronicities in general.

Since I associate 666 to mean that a negative entity is intending to attack, I will be randomly called by a number that has 666 in it (multiple times and from multiple phone numbers) or I will see it on license plates prior to an actual psychic/mental attack. I have been documenting these events as best as I can, taking pictures or screenshots of the synchronicities. Here is a small example of what has been collected so far:

These are typically not isolated events, and I will at the very least see 666 two or more times, and in very distinct ways that are unmistakable synchronicities or signs.

The frequency of seeing this number does not seem to have relation to the strength of the attack nor does it seem to be a measurement of difficulty, and I have learned from repetition (I am literally bombarded at times) how to successfully mitigate these attacks that typically follow, though there are times when seeing this number is indeed just a coincidence or does not necessarily indicate an incoming attack, such as in a phone number on a sign that I regularly drive by.

Regardless, I wouldn’t be putting myself out there with this information unless I could back it up in some way.

Negative forces are not all powerful. They want you to believe that they are, but they are not. They depend on fear and they project fear in various ways in an attempt to knock us off balance. Based on my experience, if you remain calm and never take the bait nor act on a mental trigger, you will be absolutely above it all. All they can do is try, and trying is as good as they can give! We have all of the power. It is as simple as us being in control of our own minds. If we are not in control of our own minds, then they will attempt and succeed to take control of our minds.

Rarely do I get a chance to photograph 666 twice on a license plate as I am usually driving and unable to photograph one or the other, depending on the circumstances. Recently, however, I had the opportunity to capture two unmistakable synchronicities prior to an attack that eventually unfolded.

On January 14th, I took my family to Denny’s. When we pulled into the parking lot, I saw the first synchronicity immediately. I took this photograph in the parking lot at 9:35 AM and we went into the restaurant and quickly ate.

After we ate, we left in our car. It is interesting to note that the owners of this vehicle left at the same time. Right when I pulled out of the parking lot and turned right, a truck slowly passed on my left with a 666 on it as well. Fortunately, we both came to a red light and I was able to take a picture, timestamped at 10:12 AM.

We began to prepare ourselves and, sure enough, an attack began. I cannot recall the exact details of this attack as it happens so frequently; however, I do know that it was unsuccessful. My wife and I dissect these attacks in real time and discuss, in detail, the thoughts going through our minds and the emotions attached to them. We are always entirely open to each other about everything, including our thoughts.

There have been times when we have seen 666 on many license plates and received calls from different numbers with 666 in them on the same day and in rapid succession (see: The Anatomy of an Archon Attack). To us, the probability of that being a random coincidence is incredibly low. All of this is very real and I am incredibly grateful to have been able to document this and write about it.

I know this article is a little bit different, so thank you for reading. Always remember the importance of positive thinking and its relation to your own personal frequency. If any of you have had similar experiences and feel like sharing them, I look forward to reading about them in the comments section or reach out to me through the contact form.

6 thoughts on “Documenting Attack Synchronicities

  1. I am seeing 11:11. Google it and you will see many positive associations. The synchronicities I was led through were very crude and inelegant. It did not seem positive with my experiences.

    I think it was Tom Montalk in his synchronicity video (look it up!), where he suggested to make a synchoricity diary. I think that’s a good idea.


    1. I see tons of positive synchronicities all day long as well, and only these negative ones prior to a psychic/mental attack by negative forces. It doesn’t happen every day either, usually only after I publish an article about negative forces. Hopefully I am not giving off the impression that I am constantly attacked! It is nothing like that at all. I have just been documenting these because they are so specific.


  2. I think few people realize that the carbon atom is composed of 6 neutrons, 6 protons, and 6 electrons. We are mostly carbon and the attack/villinizing of carbon by the left via the fraud of man-made global warming/climate change is an attempt to make mankind evil, which it is not. People are mostly good, but misled through the MSM, social media, etc. Knowledge and knowing who we are is the most powerful aspect we can develop about ourselves because once we understand this, we, as powerful creators, will create a most wonderful world for all of us to live in.


  3. I recommend to watch this video which touches upon the meaning of this numeral sequence from a biblical point of view. You don’t have to be a believer in order to understand the points made in this video, you would be able to follow its argument entirely based on your understanding being a spiritual person. Spirituality opposes what this numeral sequence represents, which is the bestial side of human nature, which is why gross cults love it.


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