Soul Resonance

My readers will recognize that I have two wonderful friends that I regularly communicate with: Tom and Dr. Randall. They are, in essence, partners in this effort to provide information to those who are seeking a path toward their own personal enlightenment.

Supernatural events and synchronicity brought us together and keep us pushing forward. By my own experiences (see: My Metaphysical Awakening), this global awakening is very real and the mechanics by which it is actively increasing in scope and breadth is anchored in the combined efforts of those of us who have awakened. We, like many of you reading, are on the front line also. We are constantly exchanging information, analyzing events, growing and evolving by adjusting our message and applying tactics that suite the time and circumstances of the here & now.

Every single one of us is a part of this. The person reading this right now is no different. Whatever parcel of information that is gained can be shared with the potential to increase another persons awareness. My words are your words to take. I do not have a monopoly on the information I provide and I certainly do not intend to gain from the research of others. To me, it is about sharing the knowledge to all of my brothers and sisters out there, both cosmic and human.

Everything that we set out to do is a genuine attempt to empower those who give us their trust and lend us their precious time. To me personally, my readers are more like a family. The fact that you have chosen to give me your ear and interact with me through this blog is a wonderful experience and one from which I am growing as well. I am honored to do this! My promise to you is that I will never lead you astray.

Having said that, I wanted to share an incredible video by Tom that brings a deeper understanding to the Law of Attraction. Those who know my personal story will recognize the discussion of synchronistic events that can metaphorically pull us from the darkest depths of a river to the brightest crest where the light shines brilliantly into the water unimpeded.

So, without further ado, here is the video. If you are curious, please check out Montalk to see more of his fantastic work.

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