Catalyst Happens (Archon-B-Gone)

This morning, as I watched a psychic attack unfold against my wife Rachelle, I decided to strategically coach her. I did this by navigating her emotional state, looking specifically for calm moments with which I was able to inject some advice while making sure that the advice I offered was carefully delivered so as to not trigger any negative emotion on its own.

It can be risky to intervene this way as it can potentially backfire, but it was a successful intervention. We managed to stop the attack in its tracks and she encouraged me to share the advice.

So, after attempting to come up with a witty and informative title (at least I hope it is witty and informative), here we are!

Catalyst happens. It happens to all of us. We learn from catalyst.

Catalyst triggers an emotional response. How you respond to catalyst is, quite frankly, everything.

Consider someone throws a ball at you and hits you in the head. The event, the catalyst, has already happened. The focus, therefore, is on how you react.

Negative catalyst can be considered an orchestrated event with the intention of getting you to respond negatively. A negative response to negative catalyst will bring down your personal frequency and open you up to manipulation. That manipulation is then perpetuated using feedback loops (see: The Power of Positive Thinking).

Negative emotional states cause energy to leak into your electromagnetic field. Robert Monroe of the Monroe Institute called this emotional energy “Loosh”.

The great news is we do not have to respond negatively to negative catalyst. We do not have to play their game. We can respond positively. After all, the event already happened. Responding negatively will never change that fact, and will only make things worse.

When we do not play their game, we deny the instigators their power. To inorganic entities like Archons, this is very disruptive to them being able to fulfill their role.

If you respond to catalyst calmly, the takedown attempt instigated by negative entities loses its power entirely. This is an actual waste to the negative entity that is trying to get energy from you. If you are not giving the negativity any power, then they are wasting their effort. You will, in essence, deny them the very sustenance they need.

The result of this is that you have become a hard target, one not worth engaging for there is no return on the energy spent attempting to knock you off your emotional horse, so to speak. You become, in essence, not worth the effort and too much of a liability to their own ability to sustain themselves energetically.

The calmer you remain, the stronger you become.

6 thoughts on “Catalyst Happens (Archon-B-Gone)

  1. Thank you. You have through life experiences, extensive research, and your enlightenment, become a master in energy or love medicine and the entangled of causes of which consciousness is still being revealed and studied. Life is more than object recognition , memorization, emotional attachment, and reaction or response. Our subconscious and layers of consciousness makes humans the most complex animals and intricate to the fabric of the Universe and choice of the greater, creative, and imaginative, or the lesser, negative, and scarceness. As a higher life form we attach certain emotions to certain thoughts and what we see as a reality is not often as it seems. You have shown us that life is contrast and that any moment there is good confronting not so good or love standing up against what is not love yet. One cannot define tall unless short can be compared, large or skinny, smiling or frowning, angry or joyous. What you have described are daily episodes and dependent on one’s mood, purpose, attitude, receptive or closed, we open ourselves up to psychic attack resulting in negative mood and temporary negative consciousness. All follow the law of Attraction for negative attracts more negative while positive attracts more positive. Remarkable how the God or love energy put the Universe and Nature together but with insight, evolutionary development, and the love energy as the highest vibrational frequency that is both healing and protective. Thanks to you and your expertise, we can decipher our events daily and condition ourselves to quickly understand when we allow a psychic attack and to quickly shift the conscious state to one of awareness.


  2. Thanks Patrick, I am really enjoying your articles and how you so simply frame complex ideas and situations.

    It allows me to take pieces of information from a whole manner of readings and studies I have undertaken in this matrix, and piece them together into a storyline that makes sense to ‘me’, based on my journey. So it resonates as my truth. Not someone else’s truth. I think that’s part of the secret, finding our own truth that will resonate specifically to us. After all, it’s our own very specific journey in many ways.

    It’s as if your writings provide the template, which helps me piece this puzzle together. In my own unique way.
    Well done!


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