December Interlude

This week I want to try something different and let words flow from the heart.

I have recently been reflecting on the overwhelming positive response I have received since I began this blog. Hearing from like-minded individuals has been wonderful. Hearing that I have actually contributed to positive life changes in others is an incredible reward. So, to my readers, I would like to say thank you very much. Thank you for investing your time, which I know is a valuable resource, in reading my articles. Thank you for your comments and suggestions, phone calls and emails, compliments and critiques. Thank you for all of it. I have taken all of your advice to heart and have made attempts to adjust appropriately in order to evolve my writing effectively.

I know that some readers will notice a shift to-and-from global conspiracy related articles and those of a more supernatural and/or metaphysical nature. However seemingly unrelated, there is a connection so far as this global awakening is concerned. It is my intention to offer a practical exploration of the global conspiracy rabbit hole as best as I can, though I am merely one of many guides to the rabbit hole that are out there doing the same.

Where can I go from here? Let us see what comes to mind.

Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful, it truly is. It is a symphony of experiences, each colored by our own perceptions. It is a wonderful hall-of-mirrors: each of us a reflection of each other in a myriad of different ways; and thus we learn, and learn we do! Every moment is an opportunity to not just move from place to place but to dance from place to place. This is, after all, your show and you are the star of this show. The most beautiful thing is, we can make the best of it! Years ago, I took a quote from one of Tom’s articles and I taped it on my fridge. It said:

Every moment is an opportunity to change for the better

Please just take a moment to reflect on that statement. It is very true. I have lived this quote and the results are incredibly empowering. All change begins and ends with us, and every moment is a chance to change for the better. It is never too late.

How does one dance from place to place?

To me, it is all about looking forward to things. All things. Everything. One may fall short in this endeavor because of expectations not being met, so I do my best to do away with expectations. In the event that I cannot, I will swap a negative expectation for a positive expectation and maintain that focus. On that end, I am the captain of my ship; the master of my mind. After all, if we are not in control of our own mind, something else is. That something else can be anything from an archon, aggressive thought forms of our own creation, some other form of internal or external influence, or subconscious programming.

Unconditional Love

Truth, knowledge, and compassion expressed as a willingness to learn and/or understand are fundamental to unconditional love. Consider: what do humans fear the most? That which they do not understand. Knowledge increases awareness but is absolutely worthless unless it is based on truths. Truth carries its own vibrations as do falsehoods. The vibrations of falsehoods are incompatible with the vibrations of truth. Awareness is fundamental to everything. How do we love without any condition? By understanding. How do we desire or seek to understand? By having the compassion to understand. Having that compassion to understand is a choice one ultimately makes.

Always remember that you have the power to choose. You can consciously choose truth over falsehoods. You can consciously choose knowledge over ignorance. You can consciously choose love and compassion over anger and hate. You can consciously choose to be offended or to just let it roll off of you. You can consciously choose to think positive or to think negative.

Choose truth! Choose knowledge! Choose love and compassion! Choose to just let it roll off of you! And, ultimately, choose to think positive! Not just once or twice but all the time.

I would like to end this with a special thank you to my brilliant friend Dr. Randall Nozawa who gave me a big thumbs up on this short article and encouraged me to post this as it is. Thank you, Dr. Randall!

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