The Power of Positive Thinking

Negative thinking is unproductive. It also feels unpleasant. A negative response to a negative situation only does the obvious: it creates a negative feedback loop that, in turn, creates more negativity. A negative plus a negative will always be a bigger negative. Negativity ultimately leads to a victim mentality. Such a state of disharmony is ultimately destructive, right down to the molecular level. The water crystal experiments by Dr. Masaru Emoto have proven this. 

Positive thinking is productive. It also feels wonderful. A positive response to a negative situation negates the negative situation. A positive response to a positive situation removes any potential for discord and creates and sustains harmony. A positive plus a positive will always be a bigger positive. Positivity always vectors upwards, such as to be implied by the use of the word ascension to describe spiritual conditions in some circles. Harmony is constructive and this also applies to the molecular level. 

I have learned from experience that unconditional love and respect are two of the most powerful forces in the world. Unconditional love, respect, and positive thinking combined can move mountains in your life. This combined level of thinking can negate disharmony and create sustainable harmonious environments in your mind and the external world around you. What is within is certainly expressed in the without, and this is remarkably true when it comes to our perceptions. 

I have written on how our perceptions dictate our reality in the past (see: Life is the Perception of Life), an article that was inspired from a quote by Tom from Montalk. Tom had said that in order to find the positives in a situation, one merely needs to shift their perception of the situation. I know that this is certainly true from my own experience. I recently had the honor to meet Dr. Randall Nozawa, a man who was thrust into life altering situations not just once but twice, and had no choice but to shift his perceptions to overcome adversity such as losing your eyesight when you rely on that for your profession. 

Would you like to know how Dr. Randall Nozawa sees his life? He sees his life as a blessing, as do I. In his mind, he modified the meaning and perception of his experiences from that of a negative to that of a positive. Instead of allowing these experiences to be his undoing, he has now dedicated his time and effort to teaching others how they work with their minds and achieve the same things. Now Dr. Randall Nozawa radiates as if a lighthouse atop a mountain, a light of such brightness and beauty. I am truly honored to have met such an inspirational man. 

When it comes to understanding how unconditional love and respect can be applied in your life, one must consider that they themselves have to be the authors of such change. The change begins with us, for how could it not? If we want to experience the harmony of unconditional love as it appears in the inner workings of our minds, we have to practice it ourselves. This practice cannot come with any condition (otherwise it wouldn’t be unconditional). 

If we are waiting for the external world to begin treating us with unconditional love and respect before we begin practicing it ourselves, we will be waiting a very long time and while we are waiting, we won’t be experiencing any of the positive effects to be had within this mental framework. We are, in essence, defeating ourselves and denying ourselves the greatest experience of ourselves.

Negative forces who work through the promotion of negative emotions such as discord, chaos, and disharmony cannot interfere with the practice of unconditional love, respect, and positive thinking. Negativity is dependent on negativity to perpetuate its existence. This is, quite simply, a fundamental truth that can be applied to Archons. Archons (or Demons), the lower-vibrational inorganic entities, instigators of insanity, and keepers for a realm of applied madness in which we are subjugated, do not seek to ever engage in positive discourse of any kind. They will never encourage any external act of problem resolution as they intend to keep negative thinkers in a condition that promotes more negative thinking and disharmony. 

We, however, can overcome these illusory states of their control of us by taking power into our own hands (or minds) and engage in the practice of unconditional love, respect, and positive thinking. The positivity affects our individual vibrations, increasing them in frequency (a positive plus a positive is an even greater positive). Eventually, through practice, we can achieve such states of harmony that make it impossible for archons to entrain and otherwise manipulate our mental state for which they themselves were designed. That’s true power.

If one were to consider that in order for a creation to have sustainably come this far for us to experience, it had to have done so in a harmonious way. Harmony is, therefore, constructive. This applies to us as individual nodes of creation in bio-mechanical vehicles for exploration as it does to universal constructs and infinite intelligence as well. As above, so below. 

When it comes to unconditional love, respect, and positive thinking and experiencing all the miraculous benefits to be had by those states of existence: you have to be it to see it! Living life this way is one moment of joy to the next, and it is certainly something that all of us deserve to experience. 

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