My Metaphysical Awakening

I was recently invited by Dr. Randall Nozawa to participate in an interview on the show “Be the Change” on the Pyramid One network to talk about my personal experience of awakening (see the video here). I accepted the invitation and I have been strategizing on how I can maximize the potential for others to possibly begin their own journey by sharing mine. One obvious way was to write an article about it. 

And, so, here we are. This may be rather long. I certainly hope it is well received.

The story of my awakening is also the story of my life. My awakening was seemingly predetermined, and the sequence of events that I experienced to become awakened were very purposefully engineered. The veil was pulled back, as one could say, and I know for certain that “reality” is absolutely not what they tell us it is. This reality that we are experiencing is, in fact, a great illusion. 

Early experiences in my life led me to be more receptive of fringe topics, particularly those involving UFO’s. One day in 1989 at age 11, I was swimming in our family pool only to emerge from the water to find an unbelievably large shiny metallic structure hovering directly above my head. 

I remember a loud noise and the appearance of a feature that could be described as a blue and circular “observation platform” in the center. The sound was “multidimensional” and like nothing I had ever heard before. I quickly went back under the water but more to escape the sound than out of fear. When I came back to the surface, it was gone. 

Following the passing of my grandfather when I was 14, I developed a curiosity in the afterlife. As I became increasingly involved with technology and the Internet over time, I eventually found myself participating on a forum for author Bruce Moen called the Afterlife Knowledge forum. It was here that I learned about Robert Monroe of The Monroe Institute and developed a fascination with Out of Body experiences (OBE’s) and Near-Death Experiences (NDE’s). 

From then on, things didn’t go so well. 

In my late teens, doctors had convinced me that I had depression and attention deficit hyper-activity disorder (ADHD). It was easy to also convince myself of this as I was merely the product of a culture that manufactures problems in order to sell solutions. The pharmaceuticals I was prescribed were toxic and, over time, would turn me into a mess. I was absolutely convinced that I needed them in order to function in society and have a successful career and, as a result, I became horribly addicted to them. As with most addictions, it spiraled out of control.

By the time I was 30, I was married to a woman who I had known since I was 17 and all we did was fight. I was a software engineer by trade and in my free time I just went to clubs to get drunk or played video games. I had dogs and cats. My life was one big drama show but it was uncomplicated. I also functioned in a very low state of awareness possibly due to the pharmaceuticals. 

Everything was rather uneventful until I lost my best friend on his 32nd birthday, exactly two weeks before my own birthday. It felt like a part of me was gone. Shortly after he died, his cell phone called me. When I answered it, there was nobody on the other end. I hung it up and tossed the phone on the floor, and then I asked out loud: “Where are you at?” and a voice from my cell phone said “Nearby”. At the time, it really frightened and confused me.

A few days later, as I was walking into a Lowes, I heard him call my name out distinctly. I turned and there was nobody there, but I felt his presence and I knew it was him. 

At a club following his death, I remember sitting there when suddenly I “felt” him and a thought was clearly injected into my mind that he was going to help get me off of the pharmaceuticals that I had become addicted to. It was intuition with absolute knowing. And this effort would ultimately be successful. Eventually, I got off of everything. 

My life all changed at a club one night when I met my future wife, Rachelle. She was 21 (born in 1989) and I was 32; a difference of 11 years. The year 1989 was synchronistic per my UFO experience.

When I first saw her, I felt like a nuclear bomb went off in my stomach. To borrow a line from the movie “Seventeen Again”, I felt like if I did not have her I would die. Every cell in my body screamed for her and I had never before felt such an intense desire for anything or anybody. On the night we met, I absolutely could not take my eyes off of her. I watched her as she approached the DJ to make a request. 

The songs that she picked were Even Flow by Pearl Jam and Plush by Stone Temple Pilots. These were two of my most favorite songs since I was 14 years old. As an adult, they were always at the top of my playlist and in that order. 

I walked up to her while Plush was playing and told her she picked my two favorite songs in the same order I always listen to them. She told me they just popped in her head when she went to make a request. We were both literally star-struck with each other from then on (and we still are to this day).  

In 2012, I separated from my first wife and Rachelle and I moved in together. 3 months after that, my lung collapsed from what I was told was a rare lung condition not seen since 1978, which happens to be the year I was born. It would require 2 lung surgeries. After the 2nd one, everything went wrong. I was in horrific pain and the hospital staff was being negligent to my condition. By the morning it was discovered that I had been bleeding internally all night and I had to have an emergency 3rd surgery followed by a blood transfusion. I experienced an NDE and trauma from the entire situation. 

The good news is I am fine now. 

In 2013, Rachelle and I married and moved into a house together. While living there, I began to experience hyper-detailed visions. I can vividly recall four, and they would start at the same time at night over the course of a week: 

  1. a hand with a paintbrush painting the sky coupled with the intuition that we “paint our own future”; “we create our own reality”. 
  2. a disk with two sides, like a two-sided coin on its edge. Each side had three energy bands coming out on one side, with an arc, and ending in the other side. The intuition was that there are “two sides to a coin” and that consciousness and “reality” are two sides to the same coin.  
  3. a shoebox laying on its side with a stream of cameras going into the shoebox, looking around, then coming out the other side with the intuition that this place is like a movie set with the human body being like a camera with encoding/decoding mechanisms related to the movie set. 
  4. a large projector plate with a film reel playing over it and a light shining through it to illuminate the scene onto a screen. I cannot recall getting intuition such as I did with the other visions; however, I came across this analogy many times from many different authors from then on.  

At first, I thought I was going insane; however, fear soon turned to awe as I had never experienced anything like this before and there was certainly a metaphysical quality to them. As I received the visions and intuition for the visions, I would dictate my understanding of them to a receptive Rachelle. 

Around these same events one afternoon, as we were standing outside, I was hit with this feeling that we were interconnected with everyone on the planet. This came to me as a feeling and an absolute “knowing” was accompanying the feeling. It was quite absolute. 

I looked at Rachelle and said “We are everyone on this planet right now”. She felt the same exact feeling. From then on, negative entities began to psychically attacked us like nothing I had ever experienced, and we had reached peaks of insanity that I didn’t think existed. I didn’t understand what was happening at the time, however. 

From here on, possibly due to the psychic attacks, events began to rapidly increase in intensity. 

Randomly one night while Rachelle and I were talking to each other across a room, we were both suddenly “seized” looking at each other. Her face began to take on different forms and we suddenly saw and experienced our past incarnations very rapidly. This happened to us at the same time and we both just stood there shocked until we both said, at the same time, “Your face just changed!”. 

Still, at this time, I did not have a clue about anything called a spiritual awakening. While we were absolutely amazed at what we were both experiencing, we didn’t really understand what was happening. One thing we did know was that the love Rachelle and I have for each other was (and is) intense beyond anything we have ever experienced or seen before. Carol Clarke, the Seer recommended by David Icke, eventually told Rachelle and I that she had never seen a love like ours on this plane before (I have this session recorded). 

All of this, plus the visions, was an indication that my life was beginning to take on an entirely new meaning.  

As 2013 turned to 2014, synchronistic events began to lead me down a rabbit hole. At this same time, information was flying at me from every direction. All of my searches would return top-hits with exact information explaining to me what was happening. Advice and instructions would be given to me through my computer in the form of search results, except there would just be a white screen with words of advice in black text. Other times, the advice would appear on my kindle in the morning. It was direct and unmistakable. 

Advice would come from random people as well. In one instance we were having a conversation while driving. When we came to a stop at an intersection, a man selling newspapers moved past all of the other cars and came directly to ours. I tried to wave him off but he came to my window and began to insist. When I rolled down the window, he gave me a newspaper and told me to take it for free and that he has a message for me. He proceeded to give Rachelle and I an answer to a question that we were discussing as we approached the intersection. There wasn’t any possible way this man could have heard us. The answer was blunt, direct, and unmistakable. We were quite shocked.

Of particular interest was a book I was led to by Luis Minero (International Academy of Consciousness) with information explaining that Rachelle and I are what is called an “evolutionary duo” (not a “twin-flame”). An “evolutionary duo” is a team of two spirits who incarnate together for the purposes of evolving efficiently and rapidly. Team is the key word here. That is absolutely the way in which Rachelle and I view and tackle the world and all of its challenges: as a team. This same book said that one begins their “Existential Task” at age 35 and I just so happened to be 35 when I read those words. 

Not only was information flying to me in the form of books and search results, but also through music. 

One of my other favorite bands is 311. Randomly as we were driving, a voice in my head told me to look at their new album “Stereolithic”. Rachelle purchased it on iTunes and noticed one song was called “Existential Hero”. I had just recently read that I was beginning my “Existential Task” so this event definitely had our attention. The chorus says:

Hold on, before we are gone
Got lots to do but time with you, keeps on sliding
And I keep on blowing a fuse, there you go
Unseen, your face in the screen
I feel your attention dividing
But this is worth more than the news

From here on, things were not only synchronistic, they were hyper-synchronistic. As I was exploring 311’s new album, I was being led to information regarding DNA and DNA activation. I was led to material regarding alien abductions that were for the purposes of implanting and essentially smuggling in DNA that was to be activated at a later time. 

It goes without saying that I was mind-blown when I heard the following lyrics from “The Great Divide” by 311, also from their album “Stereolithic”:  

Future makers
organ takers
a non-human intelligence is guiding
worlds colliding
far away star system
I string DNA where I need ‘em

[emphasis added]

This album came out in 2014, when I was going through the most intensive and most synchronistic part of my awakening. This was the same time I was aggressively reading all of the material on Montalk.

All of this information was complimenting each other in an unmistakable way. As I listened to these lyrics I knew exactly what is meant by “Future makers”: the elite and definitely a potential reference to the Round Table network: The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, etc. I believe “organ takers” was a potential reference to David Rockefeller and his rumored multiple heart transplants.

As incredible synchronistic events continued to rollout, all of my searches for esoteric information would continually lead me directly back to Montalk and articles about a “Spiritual Awakening”. It was as if my search results were being manipulated to continue to return me to Tom and his material at Montalk. I was also led to Carissa and her material at her site. I printed out every single article on both sites and studied them all. I also began to read the books listed in the “Recommended Reading” section on Montalk. I have only recently been sharing my story with Tom, the brilliant man and brilliant author who created the site. 

Then comes David Icke

The first time Rachelle and I saw him was a quick spot in a compilation video featuring different speakers. He said one sentence. The impact on both my wife and I was enormous. I had no idea who he was. We had this overwhelming urge to find out who he was and what he was all about. It wasn’t long until I came across another video featuring him. It was an old video, from one of his earliest recorded presentations, but I knew instantly that he was the same guy. 

From then on, I absorbed all his presentations and, after the birth of my daughter, set out to reading his material. I began with “The Perception Deception”. 

Over time I would become very familiar with David Icke’s work and his experiences, as they are very similar to my own. We also share a mole in the same location on our right cheek, which is interesting if you consider all of these experiences I have had. I will say that Rachelle and I have a lot of fun with this one — she literally told me to “connect the dots” one time which I found to be quite hilarious. 

After all of this, I decided to seek more information from a Shaman (Stacie Codino) and a Seer (Carol Clarke). Both have informed me that I function as a “conduit” and that I have a large group of non-human observers.  

Eventually I found it worthy to begin sharing my experiences, some of the things I have been researching, or at least be able to point people to those who are very developed in this field, such as Tom Minderle and David Icke. These are the reasons I created this blog and have begun to tell my story. A spiritual awakening is very real, and I am honored to be in a position to be a particular example of one and share all that I can to those who are curious.

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